Visionaries and Cycle Breakers, are you ready to reclaim the happiness that you know is your birthright? 

Does your life seem perfect on the outside with all the success boxes checked, but inside you feel empty?

Like you have everything you want externally, but you are unable to truly enjoy all you have? 

Transform your life!

Feel inner peace, contentment, & finally be able to enjoy the life you've built for yourself in just 12 short weeks in the
Signature Pseudo-Psychedelic Quantum Healing Experience™!!

12 Signature Pseudo-Psychedelic Quantum Healing Experience™ Sessions to help you...

...Heal Your Past,

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind,

and Regulate Your Nervous System,

so you can cultivate real happiness within!

Are you ready to finally stop self-sabotaging and break the generational patterns that got you here?

What if you could appreciate and even enjoy the amazing life you have worked so hard for?

Real, genuine happiness from within really DOES exist and NO you don't need a magic wand or fairy dust to achieve it.

You can heal your way to happiness in just 12 short weeks with our

Pseudo-Psychedelic Quantum Healing Experience™!

The Pseudo-Psychedelic Quantum Healing Experience™ is for you if you want to...

  • Heal Your Past

  • Identify Limiting Beliefs & Reverse them

  • Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

  • Regulate Your Nervous System

  • Embody your True Nature

  • Cultivate Your Self-love

  • Allow Self-Acceptance

  • Find Self-Esteem

  • Feel genuinely happy from the inside out

  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs

  • Undo the Pain of Shame

  • Heal the wounds of Grief

  • Heal Relationship Wounds

  • Heal Past Life Wounds

  • Heal Your Mother Wounds

  • Heal Your Father Wounds

  • Heal Your Inner Masculine

  • Heal Your Inner Feminine

  • Heal 16 Generations of Trauma

  • Rediscover Self-Love & Forgiveness

  • Cultivate Self-Acceptance

...with a life-altering experience that is not available anywhere else on the planet!

Right now you are wondering “What is wrong with me that I have this amazing life that all my friends wish they had, and I’m not even enjoying it?”

We get it! 

Imagine if you no longer felt empty inside and instead felt connected, content and able to deeply enjoy all your life has to offer!


Why choose us to help you cultivate happiness from within?

We have helped dozens of people heal their way to being truly happy from the inside out, that is why we feel confident selling happiness.  Every client we have worked with has increased happiness in their lives. 

They stop self-sabotaging, they break generational patterns keeping them from living life fully and they find the happiness that they KNOW is their BIRTHRIGHT.

Hi, we are Keslie and Olivia. 

Keslie is a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Trauma Coach specializing in Inner Child & Self-Esteem healing. 

Olivia is a Transformational Breathwork Facilitator as well as an Empowerment Coach & Embodiment Coach.

Together we created this experience because we know better than anyone what it is like to have a “dream life” you can’t enjoy because you feel secretly miserable on the inside. 

We had all the boxes checked the spouse, the house, the career, the kids, the car, and the lifestyle everyone wanted and admired, so why weren’t we happy?

We thought there was something wrong with us. 

We thought we were broken in some way.

Why weren’t we able to enjoy the lives we had built for ourselves? 

Well, it turns out nothing was wrong with us, we just needed to heal! 

We needed to heal our past and begin loving our inner child better than anyone ever had. 

We reprogrammed our subconscious mind to calm our inner critic and break the unhealthy patterns and cycles we were stuck in.

We regulated our nervous systems (and became practitioners of all of the modalities that helped us)...

...and that is when it happened, we found all the happiness we had been looking for right was right inside of us. 

We had simply been cut off from accessing it because life told us we didn't deserve to access it.  Life told us we didn’t deserve happiness, even when we had everything we wanted. 

So why did we create our Signature Pseudo-Psychedelic Quantum Healing Experience™?

So you don't have to take years of your life and spend thousands of dollars like we did to find the right combination of modalities, techniques, and tools to help us find REAL, GENUINE HAPPINESS from the inside out.

We created it so you can launch yourself there in just 12 short weeks.  You can completely transform your inner world so you can finally bask in the beauty that your external life can offer you if you just allow it!

What makes Our Signature Pseudo-Psychedelic Quantum Healing Experience™ Sessions so powerful?

Our Signature Pseudo-Psychedelic Quantum Healing Experience™ combines the following eight (8) powerful modalities into a healing experience that we have tailored to heal virtually all aspect of your past in order to help you cultivate deep authentic happiness from the inside out.

  1. Hypnotherapy

  2. Transformational Breathwork

  3. Reiki Energy Healing

  4. Quantum Healing

  5. Neuroscience

  6. Somatic Healing

  7. Spiritual Healing

  8. & Positive Psychology

What to expect from each

Pseudo-Psychedelic Quantum Healing Experience™ Session

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs are exactly what they sound like. Beliefs you have that tell you can't have or achieve the greatness you desire. Basically it is any belief that keep you stuck in old ways

Limiting Beliefs can be the one of the biggest obstacle to us reaching our full potential and ultimately ever feeling happy from the inside out.

Our technique for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs is extra special because you can repeat the healing experience to heal ANY limiting belief that may be standing in your way!

Heal Shame

Shame is when healthy guilt is taken too far. Shame makes you feel a bad person, like something is wrong with you as a human for doing something you aren't proud of.

Shame is out on us by others or by society as a whole when we are being a way they don't approve, they try to make us feel like there is something wrong with us for being the way we are.

You can repeat the Healing Shame experiences to heal all your layers of shame, so you can learn to only feel healthy guilt when appropriate,

Heal Grief

Grief is a killer of joy, but is also a necessary part of life.

Grief is felt when we loos something we love. This can be a person, a pet, a job, a goal, a dream, or even part of yourself.

As we grow and evolve in life, things change and sometimes it hurts. Our expectations for the future get cut short and it fucking hurts.

Our experience offers you a chance tp repeat the process and heal all of your deepest grief that is still keeping you from having any future you want.

Heal Relationship Wounds

Relationship wounds effect far more than you close relationships. The effect EVERY type of relationship, even your relationship with yourself.

Healing these wounds allows for better boundaries and standards so you can begin to take control of yourself in relationship and learn to thrive in them and not just survive

Use technique to heal relationship wounds from any past relationship. Family, friends, people of authority, co-workers, fellow students, business colleagues, and of course your self!

Heal Past Life Wounds

Past Life Wounds are wounds you brought into this life with the intention of healing them in this lifetime.

They are the wounds that you feel exist, but have nothing from this life to point to as a root cause.

These types of wounds are very similar to wounds from this lifetime and can be healed in a very similar way.

The experiences we offer takes you back to any past life that is connected to your goal or desire each time you engage in the experience.

Heal Your Mother Wounds

Mother Wounds are wounds caused by your mother, grandmothers, or any other female caregiver. They can effect your relationship with yourself, with your partners, and with your children.

These wounds can prevent you from allowing any type of love, care and attention that is positive. These wounds can cause problems with all females in your life.

Our experience offers you the chance to heal ALL your Mother Wounds by repeating the process as necessary for deep, continuous healing.

Heal Your Father Wounds

Father Wounds are wounds caused by your father, grandfathers, or any other male caregiver. They can effect your relationship with yourself, with your partners, and with your children.

These wounds can keep you overdoing for others , scared to just be and can cause problems with all men in your life & cause you to not trust them.

Our experience offers you the chance to heal ALL your Mother Wounds by repeating the process as necessary for deep, continuous healing.

5 Trauma Imprint Healing

5 Trauma Imprint Healing heals 16 generations of trauma.

Studies have shown that both men and women pass trauma on to their offspring genetically, in order to help keep them safe from external danger.

However, what was unsafe for our ancestors, may not be unsafe for us, but we are still responding to life as though it is unsafe.

Repeating our experience heals 16 generations of trauma from whatever aspect you are focusing it on.

Heal Your Inner Feminine

Masculine/Feminine dynamics take the mother and father wound healing one step further.

We all have both masculine and feminine energies within us. When the masculine & feminine energies are balanced internally you can access the healthy manifestations of both energies.

Accessing the power if your inner healthy feminine helps you to be nurturing, loving, receptive, compassionate, and caring with ease.

Heal Your Inner Masculine

Masculine/Feminine dynamics take the mother and father wound healing one step further.

We all have both masculine and feminine energies within us. When the masculine & feminine energies are balanced internally you can access the healthy manifestations of both energies.

Accessing the power of your inner healthy masculine means you can cultivate
strength, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness with ease.

Rediscover Self-Love & Self-Forgivness

A lack of self-love & forgiveness is likely the biggest reason people don't feel happy from the inside out.

Most of us believe our happiness comes from life experiences, people, material things, and experiences. The truth is those thigs can only trigger the joy that is residing inside of us.

With our experience, you can learn to increase both self-love and forgiveness, so you can increaser your self-esteem and your capacity for internal happiness

Cultivate Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance is also key for cultivating deep, genuine happiness from within.

If we are rejecting ANY part of ourselves, we will be in pain. You will feel there are parts of who you are that you need to hide. You will feel like something is wrong with you and if you could just FIX it, things would be ok.

Our experience helps you accept and love ALL parts of yourself. And you can repeat this journey until you finally can accept 100% of who you are, so you can claim the happiness that is your birthright

Who is this for?

  • Visionaries who know in your heart that happiness is your birthright.

  • Cycle Breakers who are ready to do the work you know you were born to do.

  • Those of you who are ready to be happy from the inside out so you can finally enjoy the amazing lives you have built for yourself?

  • Anyone who is interested in becoming a healer or helping their current clients get more profound results from their current programs.

So how does this work exactly?

Step 1. You click the button below, choose how you'd like to heal, then choose your payment plan, and make your purchase.

Step 2. You will receive an email with all of the details to access the Facebook™ Group and the Group Calls.

Step 3. Join the Facebook™ Group and Follow the Instructions in the Welcome Post.

Step 4. Join the Pseudo-Psychedelic Quantum Healing Experience™ Call on the Tuesday @ 1pm ET after you sign up. This call will mark the beginning of your 12-week journey.

Step 5. Do the Integration Homework after the Tuesday Healing Call so you are ready for the Coaching Call on Thursday @ 1pm ET

Your happiness is waiting for you!

What are you waiting for?

Still have questions?

CLICK HERE and Book a call to get all your questions answered and to see how Heal Your Way To Happy can help you personally learn to be happy from the inside out!


When does the program start?

All of the Pseudo-Psychedelic Quantum Healing Experience™ Sessions are available as pre-recorded experiences to do any time during the week that works for you!

The LIVE 90-minute Group Coaching Calls are every Tuesday at 1pm Eastern Time /10 am Pacific Time.

When are the calls?

The Group Healing Calls are held every Tuesday from 1p - 2:30p ET.

The Group Coaching Calls are held every Thursday from 1p - 2p ET

If I can't make it to the live calls will I get the recordings?

No worries, we record every call and email you the link to download so you can keep them forever. Keep in mind, the recorded healing calls are just as transformational and healing as the live calls.

The Coaching calls are a bit different, while we believe you will still benefit greatly from hearing other people get coaching (inevitably others have similar struggles), but being live on these calls will allow you the opportunity to ask questions and get coaching that is perfect for you.

Where is the private community for participants?

Upon registration you will get access to our private Facebook community to gain support from your leaders and the other participants.

If I attend live do I need to be on camera?

Cameras are optional for the Healing Sessions and listening to the live coaching, but we do require that participants turn on their cameras if they are the ones in the Love Seat being coached live by us.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately we do not have a refund policy and do NOT offer refund under any circumstance. As soon as you purchase the Program you gain immediate access to all of the healing techniques, integration materials and Private Facebook™ Group.

If you are unsure if you want to attend the LIVE Group Coaching Calls or have access to the Private Facebook™ Group , you can choose to purchase the recording ONLY for $599 and can add on 12 weeks of Group Coaching at any time by paying an additional $400.

What technology do I need to participate in the live calls?

You will need a solid internet connection, a microphone, and a camera. All smartphones should be sufficient to join us, provided you have good cell service.

FAQ image

What can I do to prepare for the calls?

-Turn your ringers off

-Silence notifications

-Be somewhere you will not get interrupted

-Remove all distractions from your environment

-Have a glass of water

-Have tissues nearby

-Have your Journal or piece of paper and a pen handy

-Headphone recommended for Tuesday’s Healing Calls

Questions? Contact Us Today!

PHONE HOURS: 9am — 4pm EST Tue - Thurs


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